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are you Ready to finally master the secrets of building your 
financial future in real estate? 🏘 💸
I can't wait to show you how!
Check out this short video below to find out more :)
The First Thing You Need To Do is find out which program is right for you...
Do you want Info-only, mentorship, or advanced coaching? 
My Name is roxanna wilson
I have been a Real-Estate Investor, Tax Strategist and Business Entrepreneur for over Twelve Years. Now I Want To Teach You How To Do The Same.

It wasn't so long ago that I got started in Real Estate, and making that decision changed my life. I know what it takes to become financially independent, to live the life I know in my heart I deserve. 

I know it's not just about knowing the steps, but it's about preparing your mind to believe that anything is possible. Through my mentorship programs, I don't just teach you the tools to succeed in Real Estate - I teach you how to succeed in life!
"I've been exactly where you are now, that's why I want to show you just what it takes to turn it all around"
IF you're ready to jump in...
Then there's no better time to start than right now!
The second best time to start one is RIGHT NOW. It's not too late, it's not too early. It's exactly the right time to take control of your career, and to have the time, the money, and the peace of mind to live the life you were truly meant to live.

I've been in this game for over TWELVE years! 
  I bought my first house when I was just 21 years old...

  I didn't have much money. I didn't have much experience. I just had the drive to learn.

  That's why I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can follow in my footsteps!
Are you ready to take the next step?
Want to elevate your business even more?
I don't want to just teach you how to make your money, I want to teach you the tips and tricks to actually KEEP your money, which is why I've created two very special offers that do just that (no matter what business you're in)!

Learn How The Rich STAY Rich!
An in depth tax strategy that helps you KEEP YOUR MONEY you've worked so hard to earn. This is the 
secret to how the rich stay rich - and it's available to you right here!

Build Your Business The Right Way!
Learn how to set up your EIN, register your business entity, and business accounts the RIGHT way. 
This will verify your business to start business credit, and get your business funded.
Bundle & Save!
Get Both Of These Programs At An Awesome Discount! 
Both programs on their own are well worth the investment - but together they'll teach you the strategies top business owners and entrepreneurs use that put them ahead of the rest. 

Take Control Of Your Business!

Everything you need to know about how to get your business registered to be verified!

Help you establish TRUE business credit.

Give you access to merchants and lenders who are excited to work with you and help your business grow!

Teach you how and when to get funded.
Rich people know it's not just about learning how to make money, but it's knowing how to keep it that really counts...
Have some questions about the programs?
see if the answer is below in our FAQ's!
Can I do this with no money? 
Yes. I can teach you how you can still do this using no money OR using your personal credit!

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes - each package comes with a payment plan - you'll see the offer for payment plans once you click on the package tab you're looking for and are redirected to the order-form. Choose the "payment plan" option from the drop-down menu in there! 

What if I don't have any business experience? 
You absolutely do not have to have any business experience for any of these programs to work for you. This is set up to help you be successful no matter what level you're at. Of course, like anything in life, you must commit to this to see results.

Do you have a refund policy?
No. This program is set up to give you everything you need to start a successful career in Real Estate. You're going gain so many successful gems that that will help you in the days to come after purchasing. 

Knowledge cannot be erased, and you will learn something starting from just day 1. The success will be based on your dedication, your drive and your personal commitment to follow-through. You do your part, and we will do our part. Together we will accomplish your goals!

Why would I get the Elite package over the Bronze package?
The Elite package will give you direct access to me. You are saving more money (and WAY more time) by having access to my private communities and network. Your journey into Real Estate will be unpredictable, and you'll have questions you wish someone could answer for you. Why waste time learning things the hard way when you could have an expert showing you the way?

Can I still succeed in the Bronze package if I choose not to get the Elite?
Yes, this package is a one-size-fits all, where the Elite package is a little more hand tailored specifically to you. However, there is still an option to book calls with me should you find you need them. Simply click here to check for availability and schedule your call!

I don't have the money right now, will this be available in the future?
Yes. However, you will not see the price this low again - so take advantage as soon as you can!

Why should I invest in mentorship when I can do this all on my own for free? 
My guess is, if you could have done this on your own, you probably wouldn't have clicked on this link. Time isn't free. It will cost you time trying to find all of the information you need to be truly successful, and money with the mistakes all beginners make. Why not choose a proven blueprint that has made someone with $0.00, into millions? I tried to do this on my own - it took me 10 years! Had I had the knowledge back then that I have now once I did decide to invest in my own mentor, I could have succeeded  in 3 months (and had even more success!)
- Roxanna Wilson, Royalty Builders LLC - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2018